Implementing the 2013 EITI Standard in Mongolia: Gap analysis and Recommendations

MY LATEST WORK WITH NRGI: The International EITI board approved a new Standard for reporting by EITI implementing countries at its annual board meeting held in Sydney in May 2013.

Mongolia’s EITI (MEITI) reporting process for fiscal year 2012 started in March 2013, before the introduction of the new Standard. The government report was finalized in September and the reconciliation report in December 2013.  On the purpose of designing further improvements into MEITI, an assessment of the gaps between the current reporting practices and the new standard requirements needs to be done.

Also we have witnessed significant changes in extractive industry policy environment in Mongolia since 2013 . For instance, the new investment law, which replaced former law on foreign investment regulation in strategic industries (including mining), was passed by parliament in September 2013 and the state policy on extractive industries has come into force since January 2014. And it is necessary to assess those changes in policy environment from the view of transparency matters.

Acknowledging the need for an assessment of the gaps between MEITI’s current reporting in the 2012 report and what is required by the new Standard that also takes into consideration of the specificities of the Mongolian extractive sector, NRGI produced this gap assessment report with assistance of a local expert. (Batpurev A.[1])

Link to full report; Mongolia EITI gap assessment 2012


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